Warranty Information

Our Guarantee:
All C-9 lights and materials are guaranteed for the life of the active account, in good standing
as long as:
-A-1 Lawn Maintenance stores the product
-A-1 Lawn Maintenance installs the product
-A-1 Lawn Maintenance removes the product
-The product and installation of product has been paid in full for the amount agreed upon by
 customer and A-1 Lawn Maintenance
The product is guaranteed from:
-Manufacturer defect
-Damamge from installation, removal or storage of product
-Normal deterioration past the life of the product
Products included in guarantee:
-C-9 bulbs
-C-9 sockets
-C-9 SPT2 wires
-SPT2 plugs
-ground stakes
Products NOT included in guarantee:
-Automatic timers
-other products not associated with the C-9 product
The guarantee DOES NOT cover:
-Acts of God/nature (i.e. storms, hail, tornado, etc.)
-Accidental breakage or damage by customer or any ohter person(s) not associated with
 A-1 Lawn Maintenance (i.e. postman, friends, cars, etc.)
-Damage from fallen or swaying limbs, trees, or any other property addition which
  interferes with the product.
Replacement Process:
A-1 Lawn Maintenance will replace or repair at no additional cost to the customer, the damaged item
with the same item (or an item which is comparable to the damaged item) for the entire duration of
the holiday season and at the time of installation for each season for which the customer has an
active account, in good standing.
Customers needing repairs/replacements not covered in the warranty will be charged for a
service calllaborand the price for materials or parts.
Once the customer cancels the account, the guarantee becomes null and void.